ELPS render 4

Our ELPS Electrostatic separators are able to recover clean, single polymer streams from mixed plastics fractions, e.g. from WEEE, post-consumer plastic, production waste, etc.
The following mixtures can be successfully separated:

* and many more

The ELPS technology works irrespective of the color of the materials – black plastics can also be separated. This is a major advantage compared to sensor based NIR technology.

Key Advantages

* High polymer purities up to 99.9% (standard 2 unit process)
* Dry separation process
* Separation of black plastics
* Proven technology on industrial scale
* Modular design – adding extra capacity is easy
* Available as a turnkey solution
* High flexibility to separate many different polymers
* Low operations costs
* Virtually no wear & tear
* Fully automated operation

Up to 2.5 tons per hour throughput – machines available in various specifications to meet individual customer requirements.

For more information on our available Technology please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail