Engineering Services

After multiple state of the art installations for the biggest names in recycling, the Tegro Engineering Team offers the full service from individually designed processing cells to Full scale process design, build, installation and operational guidance to handle large volume materials.

From Incineration Bottom Ash to E-scrap to End-of-Life Vehicles, to our proprietary Fines Separation Process that can recover the valuable Copper and Precious Metals from the shredder residues produced by Auto and E-scrap processors.

Tegro can upgrade or optimise your existing processes as well as deliver turnkey full scale process installations

Our scope of services include:

1. Basic project evaluation phase

+ Discussion/meetings with project sponsor
+ Clarification on scope of work
+ Baseline study

2. Preliminary planning phase

+ Generation of planning concept, incl. basic flowcharts and major components
+ Coordination of tasks
+ Project cost estimate

3. Design engineering phase

+ Creation of a detailed design concept, incl. detailed flowcharts, layouts and specification of components
+ Detailed project cost calculations
+ Timelines and project plan

4. Installation phase

+ Coordination and supervision of project tasks as Project Manager (on the ground if needed)
+ Managing 3rd party contractors, e.g. mechanical fitters, engineers, electricians, etc
+ Project management office role

5. Operational phase

+ Managing cold and hot commission stages of the installation
+ Supervision of certifications e.g. ATEX, TUV, CE conformity, etc
+ Training of operators
+ Fine tuning the of the separation plant for optimal results

We work with engineering and project software tools such as AutoCAD, Solidworks and Microsoft Project