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state-of-the-art MATERIAL SCIENCE



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We specialize in the recovery and sales of complex material streams. Our team of Engineers and Commercial Managers has designed and built a broad range of the processes employed by the world’s largest recycling group today. From dense media separation, the world’s largest fridge recycling process, industrial scale WEEE processing installations, mechanical CRT recycling, end-of-life vehicle recycling, automotive shredder residue recovery, incinerator bottom ash recycling, plastics and to precious metals recovery – our scope of expertise is very wide.

These recycling processes have a proven track record of managing the largest volumes of recycled materials globally, whilst achieving the highest value added. In the course of building and fine-tuning these recycling processes, our team has pioneered elaborate Research & Development projects to substantiate these innovations.

Furthermore, our team was responsible for the procurement and sales solutions that drive these plants with over 250 000 tons of WEEE scrap and non-ferrous metals passing annually through these processes.

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