One of Tegro’s key strengths is the expert knowledge of various materials – with a strong focus on complex material streams that contain non-ferrous and precious metals, as well as high value polymers.

Your materials are your most valuable asset – and in a capital intensive business such as the recycling industry, we believe that the perfect understanding of materials is a key element to success. One of our key competences is the expert knowledge of secondary raw materials. Due to our knowledge of markets, prices and demands, we can design and develop processes and generate materials that match market demands.

We have years of experience in working with ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, electronic scrap, electronic scrap/WEEE, IBA, ELV, precious metals, and plastics. Out of this we have gathered a vast collection of valuable information based on historical data such as mass balances, chemical and physical analyses.

There is a vast demand for raw materials in China and other parts of Asia. Due to our expansive business network we can match your material to the right outlet.