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The Tegro Group is expanding its scope by opening an office in Europe. As we operate in different time zones around the world, our team will now be available around the clock.

The new team of engineers will focus on improving existing separation processes and developing innovative technologies. Our commercial team will focus on the acquisition of complex material streams that we match to the optimal outlets in Asia. We have a network of fully audited end processors in Asia that recover pure metals and polymers in a manner that corresponds to the highest environmental standards.

The Tegro Group offers an holistic approach to recyclers that includes commercial services, material science and engineering & technology services. Our knowledge of both the European and North American markets, as well as the Asian market, is the basis of this holistic approach. Our presence in Europe and China enables us to bridge the gap between the supply of recycled material streams and the great demand for raw materials.

In the future we anticipate to expand our scope to the North American market, where we want to expand our existing activities by building a local presence in this fast growing recycling market.